lunes, mayo 03, 2010

Memoria extendida

Comencé a leer “Supersizing the mind” (Andy Clark) y nunca había cobrado tanto sentido esta reflexión inicial:

Consider this famous exchange between the Nobel Prize–winning physicist Richard Feynman and the historian Charles Weiner. Weiner, encountering with a historian’s glee a batch of Feynman’s original notes and sketches, remarked that the materials represented “a record of [Feynman’s] day-to-day work.” But instead of simply acknowledging this historic value, Feynman reacted with unexpected sharpness:

“I actually did the work on the paper,” he said.

“Well,” Weiner said, “the work was done in your head, but the record of it is still here.”

“No, it’s not a record, not really. It’s working. You have to work on paper and this is the paper. Okay?” (from Gleick 1993, 409)

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